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Stay Positive & Find Your New Job

September 27th 2010 07:27
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With a national unemployment rate of 5.3% in July 2010, the Australian economy showed signs of a slight slowdown. For the 631,800 Australians currently unemployed and searching for a fulltime position, this comes as no surprise.

As the number of long term unemployed continues to rise, the struggle to maintain positivity and motivation in the face of constant rejection can become crippling.

“Be discerning” says Christine Khor, director of Melbourne based recruitment firm Carrera Partners. “Don’t just apply for work in a scatter-gun approach; all that does is ensure rejection.”

Sally-Anne Blanchard from agrees.

“Candidates need to tailor their applications and be more discerning about the roles they are applying for” she says “the flick and stick method of job seeking just doesn’t work.”

Ailene Belesina, 29 from Sydney found that by being discerning about the jobs she applied for she secured the next step in her career in just three months.

“I was lucky to have some money saved and a redundancy package to lean on” she says “I aimed for 5 applications a week, and stayed true to my career path by not applying for everything in sight, no matter the state of the economy at the time.”

While it can be difficult to maintain motivation in the face of continued rejection, Nick Petrovic, Clinic Coordinator, at Mind Profile Clinic Liverpool, says job seekers need to remember to not “take rejection personally ... there are a lot of factors why someone may not get the job.”

“No one likes getting rejected” he says “but instead of letting it get your down, turn a negative into a positive.”

Turning a negative into a positive worked for Rod Figliolini, 24, who spent 7 months looking for work in 2009. “Fear kept me motivated” he says “fear of having serious money problems.”

Keeping yourself moving is difficult, but the old cliché of never give up ultimately provided Rod with the break he was looking for.

“I was about to give up when my phone rang early one afternoon. I was still in bed, and wondering what I was going to do that day. The man on the phone had interviewed me 2 weeks earlier, and he called to ask if I could start work on Friday.”

“I had done a day’s training with the company after the interview, and then didn’t hear anything from them. Never give up is the best advice I can give, because it happened to me.

Setting goals is what kept Tina Pacey, 37, from Hornsby motivated during the 6 months she was looking for a job.

“I’d go window shopping” she says “looking at all the nice things I’d be able to buy when I got a new job. Setting goals helped to keep me moving when it seemed like I wasn’t getting anywhere.”

While technology may make it easier for job seekers to apply for a position, the finishing touches to an application still count. Making sure your cover letter and application match the selection criteria in the advertisement is more important than how many applications you send out.

“One of the common mistakes people make” says Petrovic “is submitting only their resume without a cover letter addressing any criteria or personalising their application.”

Sally-Anne Blanchard says that while some people “believe their cover letter isn’t read” the truth is with the introduction of keyword software used by some recruiters and employers the “cover letter may be exactly what gets you on the Yes pile.”

There are other ways to ensure your resume is destined for the yes pile as well.

“Check spelling and grammar” says Blanchard “it’s basic but many applications are received with incorrect spelling. Have someone check your application before you send it. It could be the only chance you have at securing an interview.”

“Tick off each requirement” says Christine Khor “if you can do that, you’ll better your chances of getting an interview then sending in a generic cover letter.”

“Everything you need to obtain the job is right there in the advertisement” says Blanchard “use the same words to show your suitability for the role, and make sure you have a career objective on your resume that matches.”

“There is no point in sending in an application with a career objective that states you want to work for a large multi-national company if you’re applying for a small family owned business. Detail the career objective so that it matches the requirements of the company you are applying for.”

By matching the selection criteria in the advertisement you assist the employer to “breeze quickly through each application looking for the vital information they need” says Petrovic “keep it simple, sell what is important and leave the extra’s for the interview.

With employment being in a constant state of flux doing your research on what sectors are growing will assist in reducing the time spent looking for work.

“At the moment sales and marketing roles seem to be the most advertised” says Khor “in the wake of the recent global financial crisis companies are looking at income generating roles, more than manufacturing, or call centre.”

“The job sector is in a constant state of flux” says Petrovic “what worked yesterday may not work today.”

“Keep your network working for you” says Blanchard “even if you are unemployed take the time to go to breakfast meetings for your industry. By doing this you stay abreast of the current issues facing the industry and you’re able to network with others in the same space. I’ve had clients who obtained a job through the people they met at a breakfast briefing.”

“Looking for a job is definitely a job” Figliolini says “You have to set yourself goals, whether they’re daily, weekly or monthly.

Treating job hunting as a full time job, setting goals and achieving them help to train your mind and body for the time when you do get the real job.”

by Michael Cullen

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